Sick Edit Challenge 3: Gnarnaimo Edition


IFHT Films is doing another sick edit video contest and I thought I would take a crack at it. Please head over to my YouTube Channel and leave a like on my videos. The more likes I get, the more chances I have at winning.

 There are two parts to the challenge:


Shoot your own Sick Edit in Nanaimo BC.

I spent a day filming at Westwood Lake here in Nanaimo. I went to ride one of my favourite trails called Binx. I really have a much deeper appreciation for how much work goes into making short films. I have well over 4 hours of footage of my climbing trails after setting up my camera, only to get a few seconds of myself riding back down (or up) the trail. I spent about 17 hours straight editing this 3 minute long video, It was an all nighter to get it done. I am pretty happy with the results though. I was also on a bit of a crunch to get this submitted, I managed to get uploaded and sent in with just 9 minutes to spare. Hope you enjoy the video and remember to head over to my YouTube channel and leave a like 👍



Remix IFHT Films Nanaimo Footage to create your own Sick Edit

This project was a lot of fun to do. It was a great way to learn new editing and animation techniques. It put my old computer to the limits to create both these video edits. It’s also pretty cool to also check out what others have done with this challenge. Lots of competition in this challenge, be sure to like my video on YouTube.


People's Choice Voting: Ends July 7th

Contest Details:




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