Hole In The Wall


Saturday adventure to Port Alberni

Tonja and I took a day trip to Port Alberni to check out the Hole In The Wall. It was the first time either of us had been there. Just a short hike from the highway, you are surrounded by second growth forest and won’t be disappointed once you reach the site. This man made hole was cut through a shale cliff along the Roger Creek. This served as a shortcut for the city’s water line back in the 60’s. We could see remnants of the historic pipeline in the area. Further down the trail you are treated to a spectacular view of several dozen Inuksuk’s and beyond that lies Sherwood Falls.

We also stopped in Port Alberni to grab some lunch at J&L Drive In. Classic burgers with classic service. And of course we had to stop at the Donut Shop. Mmmmm donuts.