With almost 2 decades in the industry, I continually strive to produce the very best designs for my customers. As I move into my third in business, I want to continue offering high quality graphics, videos and animations. In order to do this, Afro Boy Productions will need equipment upgrades. More specifically, a new, faster computer. I have been using the same computer for the past 10 years and it’s starting to show it’s age. The software and programs I use require a lot of processing power in order to work quickly and efficiently. With the rising cost of living in BC and the never ending expenses running a business, saving for upgrades is becoming more difficult to achieve. Since many of you don’t need my design services, there is another way you can help:

Donate any amount today and help Afro Boy Productions achieve it’s goal of $2,000. All donations go toward the purchase of a new computer.

Anything over the goal amount will go toward camera & video gear. I am also accepting new clients at this time, let me work for the $$ :)

Contact me today for a design quote.


$1,800 raised of $2,000

Last donation 06/11/2019