Long Weekends Are Great!


🍁 Hope everyone had a great Canada Day 🍁

This was a great weekend to be outside riding my bike and walking Nekko along the Nanaimo waterfront.


Nanaimo, BC


The Nanaimo waterfront is a great place to spend the day walking, biking and doing other outdoor activities.

I went for a short ride along the Nanaimo Waterfront Saturday afternoon and took some photos along the way. Sunday morning Nekko and I went for a 2.5 hour walk. We started by heading to Barsby Park to check out the Waterfalls. From there we connected to Maffeo Sutton Park and continued along the Nanaimo waterfront. Nekko was having a great time exploring and meeting all the other dogs out that day. Then I went for a short bike ride Sunday afternoon.

I also took a couple photos of the beautiful marsh and treeline at my friends property. During the day you hear the melodies of birds and at night a choir of toads.


GT Sport Fallout 76 Livery Designs

I recently acquired BMW's Gr.3 and Gr.4 race car in GT Sport and decided to create a couple new livery designs. Fallout 76 is a new game scheduled for release later this year. Since I was a fan of the previous Fallout game, I thought this would make a cool looking vehicle graphics.