Sooooo... what have I been up to these last few months?

I recently realized I have been neglecting the blog on my site. The last post was from February 9th. I got fairly busy with work, riding my new Scott Spark 760 mountain bike, playing GT Sport and taking care of my new dog nephew, Nekko. I am Having way to much fun on the mountain bike and hiking with Nekko that I haven't bothered adding any content to my blog till now. I plan to make more of an effort to keep this blog updated with new content from my adventures on more of a regular basis. In the meantime, check out the stories and photos from these past few months.


Newcastle Island


A few weeks ago my friends Elaine and Sean came over to Vancouver Island for a weekend visit. The first day we went to Victoria and on the way back we stopped at the viewpoint along the Malahat. The next day we went over to Newcastle Island which is just a short ferry ride from downtown Nanaimo. It's a beautiful little island with some amazing views.


Meet Nekko

My two best friends here on the island recently adopted a new puppy. He's a cross between a Husky and a German Shepard, at least that is what we think he is. He was a rescue puppy that we found at the SPCA here in town. Nekko has a great new family and big yard to run around in. Nekko stays with me when they are working so he doesn't have to spend hours in a kennel. We have a great time during his visits and loves it when I take him on walks and hikes. He's a beautiful looking dog who gets a lot of compliments. But how could you not love that dopey puppy face :)


Bike Life

Mountain Biking has become my new favorite recreational activity. I'm blessed to live in a place that has amazing mtb trails and some of them I can ride to right from my front door. I try and get out every opportunity that I can. Westwood Lake has become one of my favorite places to ride, lots of amazing trails to check out, just watch out for hikers. I look forward to exploring more trails this summer. Come ride with me :)


Osborne Bay Park

We decided to go out of town to have some lunch. Afterwards we went for a little drive and discovered Osborne Bay Park near Crofton, BC. It's a nice little park with a short walk to the beach. We had fun checking out this old fallen tree hanging over the beach.


GT Sport

When I am not doing outdoor activities I can often be found playing GT Sport on the Playstation 4. GT Sport is one of the best racing simulators you can find on the Playstation. The game allows me to customize the livery designs on each car. I typically spend 2 or more hours designing these liveries. I have well over a 100 custom livery designs that I have created in the game. The game also has a photo mode allowing me to take photos of my cars with different landscape backgrounds. And of course I race.


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