Scott Spark 760 Mountain Bike


Happy early 40th to me :)

For the past 5 years I have been riding my Sunday BMX. It's a fantastic bike, lots of fun to ride, but terrible if you want to go up hill, long distances or any trails. I can't do any BMX tricks, but that didn't stop me from riding. Since I turn 40 this year I decided a new mountain bike would be a great present to myself. But I wanted to start my search before summer hits so I could see what's out there and get an idea of pricing. After looking at several bikes at all the local bike shops, I finally found one I like at Pacific Rim Bicycle. A brand new full suspension Scott Spark 760, I even went on a 3 hour ride the first day I got it. Then my week got busy and the weather wasn't that great, so I didn't manage to get out for another ride till today. It was a bit cool, but I wanted to go ride so badly I just bundled up and off I went. It felt so good to ride. My goal is to ride, hike, and be merry as much as possible this summer.

What Inspired me?

Last summer I started watching several BMX and mountain bike Vloggers. Watching them get out and ride gave me the itch to get out more myself. I did more riding last summer than any previous year since I bought my BMX five years ago. I have to say thanks to the following YouTube channels for inspiring me to get out and ride.

The Loam Ranger


The Singletrack Sampler

John Hicks

Austin Augie

Sunday Bikes