Enjoy the sunny days


Yesterday the sun came out so I took a drive over to Pipers Lagoon Park to get my first photos of 2018. However as I got closer I started to get back into the clouds and the sun quickly disappeared, but I figured I would check it out anyway. As I got onto to the beach I could see the sunshine in the distance, this actually gave a nice contrast from the dark ominous clouds looming over the ocean. After I got my shots I decided to head back to the warmth of the sunshine. I stopped at Departure Bay so I could shoot the ferries and the tankers docked out at sea from a different angle. Once I finished there I made the trek back up Hammond Bay Road on foot to this small clearing I had noticed earlier. From that location I could see the ferry terminal and two of the taller apartment buildings towering in the background. As I was finishing up I happen to turn around to see a baby dear hanging out right behind me across the road. The dear was in it's own little world eating the foliage as cars whizzed by.