Haslam Creek Suspension Bridge


I have know about the Haslam Creek Suspension Bridge for sometime now and finally made a trip to go check it out. My friends even decided to join me on this little adventure. The suspension bridge, located on the Trans Canada Trail can be accessed at two points. We decided to start from the section closest to the bridge, which was only about a 15 minute hike from the road. It has some pretty spectacular views of the creek below once you get there. We then decided to take this trail on the other side of the bridge that lead down to the creek. The trail was very steep and treacherous. Someone had tied ropes in a couple sections so you have something to latch onto as you go down. I definitely would have not made that climb if I was hiking on my own. Plus I was caring my tripod and camera gear, which added a bit more difficulty to getting down. Once at the bottom there was a tiny little rock beach and a beautiful little creek lagoon deep enough for swimming. My friend Chelsey tested out the waters, but she said it was ice cold. I didn't go in, instead I took a few photos. I will have to go back this summer and explore more of that section of the Trans Canada Trail.