Benson Creek Falls Regional Park & Ammonite Falls


This past Sunday I was determined to make it Ammonite Falls, but that turned out to be a lot harder and more of an adventure than I anticipated.


Several years ago I had ventured into Benson Creek Regional Park and managed to get myself a bit lost. The signage is not very good and it's pretty easy to miss a turn if you are not paying attention. I never did manage to find the trail leading to Ammonite Falls that time.

However this time was a bit different. I managed to find the trail, but it was pretty treacherous looking. It was a trail about 2 to 3 feet wide, switch-backing down the side of a cliff and was full of loose rock. I got to the second switch back and as I was looking down I decided it was to dangerous to continue. Feeling defeated I decided to head back to the car. I ended up running into this nice lady who happen to be hiking in my direction and we got to chatting. She told me of a much safer easier route to get to the falls on the other side of the creek.

I set off to the new destination she gave me and after a bit of a hike along an old logging road, I was able to find the trail leading to the falls. There are two sections that you need ropes to get down and a big yellow sign saying the trail was closed. A man and his kids ventured down the ropes to the bottom of the falls and there was already someone down there taking photos. I figured if they could make it down I should be able to. It's still a bit sketchy, especially since I had my camera bag and my tripod with me. But the decent was totally worth it. Once at the bottom you get a spectacular view of Ammonite Falls.

The only thing I wish I had done different was take more photos of the treacherous sections of the trails on both side of the creek. I was so focused on getting a shot of the falls I didn't take the extra time to really photograph the entire adventure. Guess that just means I will have to go back, especially now that I know how to get there.