Flying high over a wintry British Columbia


This past January I took a trip to Silverton, BC. Along the way I got to see some amazing views from my window seat. Vancouver was covered in snow at that time, which is rare to see. Once the plane got to the mountains I could see the clouds landlocked in the valley's bellow. It was great to see things from this perspective and goes to show how wondrous the would is. And the very last image is from the flight back to Nanaimo.

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I also took some photos with my phone during my travels. The first set of images is from my flight from Vancouver to Kelowna. Next is a photo from the view at the hospital in Nelson, you can see the bridge in the distance. After that is a photo looking down the lake in Silverton, BC. I also got some great shots on the way back to Vancouver from Castlegar. And the very last image is from my flight back to Vancouver Island, looking down at Nanaimo. Home sweet home.