Hike, Bonfire, and a Halloween Sunset


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Morrell Nature Sanctuary

This past week I went to Morrell Nature Sanctuary in search of some fall photos. I got there pretty late in the evening and the sun was just starting to disappear. The trail was littered with fall leaves, it was so thick in some parts that you couldn't even see the ground. I didn't notice the man hiking the path with his dog as I was shooting a section of the trail. The dog ran up to me with curiosity since I was crouched low to the ground taking photos and proceeded to roll around in all the leaves. It looked like he was having a blast.


I went to my friends property to check out their bonfire. I decided to bring my camera along to see if I could get any interesting shots. The flames went 20+ feet into the air and the heat coming off it was amazing. As soon as you got far enough away you could tell how cold it actually was. The moon was also shinning bright that night.

Halloween Sunset at Jack Point and Biggs Park

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. Yesterday evening I looked outside to see what the weather was like and decided it was a perfect time to go out to Jack Point and Biggs Park. I was so excited shooting the vibrant sky I didn't manage to get much of a hike in. But I am pretty happy with how the sunset photos turned out. And it was nice to just stop for a moment and take it, sometimes you just got to do that.

Photo taken with iPhone 6s

Photo taken with iPhone 6s