Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park


This past Sunday we got treated to some fantastic weather, so I decided to go for a hike at Linley Valley Cottle Lake Park. The last time I was there I took the trail that loops around the lake, but this visit the far side was in the shade and looked very dark. I didn't think I would get any good photos there so I decided to explore some trails I had never been on before. I didn't realize the trail system there was so extensive as I made my way up toward Cottle Hill. I was hoping to make it to the very top, but decided to head back before it got dark. After my hike I looked at the map and discovered I was actually pretty close. Just means I have to go back. Along the way I was enjoying the sunlight peering through the trees. I even came across a couple wood peckers and a tiny little frog I named Kermit.

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